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Seven Stories I Wish They'd Tell About the War in Vietnam

Seven Stories I Wish They'd Tell About the War in Vietnam from Bill Sorem on Vimeo.

Index to Story Tellers
Introduction 0:0 - 12:00
Gary Melom 12:05 - 23:10
George Mische 23:20 - 34:00
Chante Wolf 34:10 - 41:33
Gerald Ganann 41:45 - 51:10
Dick Foley 51:29 - 1:03:05
Catrina Huynh-Weiss 1:03:20 - 1:15:17
Steve McKeown 1:15:30 - 1:29:20
Larry Johnson (Closing) 1:29:21 - 1:34:00

 7 p.m. March 20, 2015
Macalester Plymouth United Church
1658 Lincoln in St. Paul

2015 begins a large commemoration of the War in Vietnam, largely rewriting history. Tom Brokaw's bestseller on the 60s devotes pages to Les Gelb who "worked on what came to be known as the Pentagon Papers". It doesn't say what they were, and Daniel Ellsberg is never mentioned. Omission is rampant in the book and the expensive remembrance of that War. Surely, if we can’t even hear the lessons of history, we will relive them.

The March 20 event features 7 storytellers/musicians, mostly veterans. Dick Foley, Gerald Ganann, Catrina Huynh-Weiss, Steve McKeown, Gary Melom, George Mische, and Chante Wolf will tell the tales being ignored, as Gulf of Tonkin, Kent State, My Lai, draft card burning, Dr. King's Vietnam speech, Fulbright Hearings, impact on the Vietnamese, rape in Vietnam, homeless veterans, and the travesty of Agent Orange.

Co-sponsored by Macalester Plymouth United Church Peacemakers and Making Meaning of Vietnam, it's also endorsed by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27.

More information or reserve a free seat at Larry Johnson, 612-747-3904 or Larry is past President of Veterans for Peace, and serves on Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers Leadership Team. In 2003 he helped start World Storytelling Day, with events each year in 25 or more countries, with the inherent message - IF I HEAR YOUR STORY, IT'S HARDER TO HATE YOU.

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