VFP Member Larry Johnson Armistice Day walk to the Liberty Bell at the Veterans Administration Building–Please join in.

Bell ringers include 6 VFP members who made bells in 2013 on the Arts grant with Gita Ghei.  Plus several dignitary type veterans, like Walter Mondale, organized by Rebecca of City of Bells.  Obviously all are welcome at the 10:45 event, as well as joining in on the walk.

The attached SUN POST column is about walking 11 miles Monday, November 11, from Minneapolis to the State Capitol grounds, where 11 veterans will ring the replica of the Liberty Bell 11 times in an Armistice Celebration organized by CITY OF BELLS, www.cityofbells.com

I will be on Don Olson’s NORTHERN SUN NEWS on Thursday, November 7 at 1 p.m. on KFAI, 90.3 FM, www.kfai.org.  I will talk briefly about the walk, but the show is mainly looking at 11 POWERS, able to stop “evil” and injustice in the world, short of killing as in war.  Don, Steve Clemens, and I will discuss this from the perspective of our 3 very different forms of “conscientious objection”.  Don was an active resister during the War in Vietnam.  Steve, a Mennonite, did alternative service, and I was drafted as an unarmed medic, unwilling to deliberately take life; willing to get people back home where they belong.  11 powers include organizations like Nonviolent PeaceForce, and a media that would honor JFK’s little known conscientious objection quote.  We will also discuss connecting the dots on climate change to military operations, and strict adherence to the rules we say we follow, like “Just War”. Geneva Conventions, Universal Code of Military Justice, and the oath to defend the Constitution and refuse to obey an unlawful order.  

On the morning of the walk, there are several places people can join in, if they wish, but I suggest letting me know at larryjvfp@gmail.com so I can let you know of any changes.  Will start at 6:30 a.m. from the main post office in downtown Mpls. the door at Marquette and 1st St.  At 7:45 a.m. we will be at Court West, 2610 University in St. Paul, the building housing the office of Nonviolent PeaceForce.  The article says the free Nov 11 Veterans Day breakfast at Dennys on University, but they haven’t committed yet, so I’ve changed that to meeting for breakfast at 8:45 at the WHITE CASTLE at Lexington and University.  Civilians are welcome to walk, but have to pay for breakfast.  This is where most will join in, maybe 3 miles out from St. Paul.  Final join in spot is the steps of the State Capitol, facing the Mall, at 10:15.  From there we will walk down the Capitol Mall to the Liberty Bell.  


Barry Riesch