Vietnam War Memorial Traveling Wall–June 21- June 24, 2018

Dear Members,

Following is a list of actions for the week ahead. Please attend as many and as much as you are able.

                                                       Minnesota Remembers


                                     June 21-24, 2018 Minnesota State Capitol

The brand-new traveling, 3/4- scaled replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC will be here on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds. A host to activities will be provided during its stay and it would be good for VFP and friends to be involved as much as possible, especially in sessions providing “Discussion.” It is important that our voices be heard for the perspective we bring into that war. It is our duty to make sure as much as possible the “True” history of the war in Vietnam be told. Please show up with VFP wear and flags at the following list of events:

Thursday June 21

9-10 am Opening Ceremony

5-6 pm Literature on the War—community discussion (The Armory)

6-8 pm America’s Secret War Screening—and discussion (The Armory)

Friday June 22

5-6 pm Veteran Keynote (The Armory)

6-8 pm Perspectives Screening—and discussion (The Armory)

Saturday June 23

4-6 pm Public Commemoration—speakers, music fly over, etc.

7-9 pm Minnesota Remembers Vietnam: Epilogue; Hosted by Kevin Kling and Cathy Wurzer, music and welcome Minnesotan’s to the Ordway Stage to “Share their personal experiences” (Tickets available at 

Sunday June 24

11 am Beyond the Divide screening and discussion ( The Armory)

1 pm Traditional American Indian Closing Ceremony (Veterans Service Building Stage)

(VFP is attempting to have a bell ringing at the closing of this service)

For a full listing of each days events visit



Barry Riesch