Walk for Hope and Peace, starting May 5

Dear Friends & Supporters,

I could not stop welcoming these beautiful, delightful, sunny days of April after the unbearable, long, lasting winter in Minnesota.  In the beginning of the life-sprouting season, we all excited with the historical news about the two Korean leaders’ commitment to peace on the Korean Peninsula.  Excitingly, I would like to share that I am ready to begin my walking art project, Walk for Hope & Peace, on this Sat, May 5, 2018.  Attached is the poster of the walk.   

Please keep enjoying this exuberant spring, and I hope to see you during/after my walk.  Thank you so much for your heartfelt support, huge encouragement, and hearty interest. 

Dedicating this art project to people in need of Hope & Peace 

Kyong KJ

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Kyong Juhn is a Korean-American photographer/walker based in Rochester, Minnesota, and a recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Scholarship from SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). She graduated from SAIC with a BFA in 2017. During her time at SAIC, juhn was awarded a travel grant to finish her project, A Walk on the Camino de Santigo, walking over 500 miles in Spain during 2016.

Starting May 5, 2018, Juhn will venture out in Minnesota for her new project, Walk for Hope and Peace. She will travel over 330 miles by foot. This venture is funded by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council and supported by many organizations. Juhn is currently working at the Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden as Director of Research and Development in Rochester, Minnesota.

Escape route of Juhn’s mother to South Korea during the Korean War in the 1950s.

Juhn’s journey through Minnesota in honor of Hope and Peace

Get in Touch

Facebook: facebook.com/walkforhopeandpeace2018
Email: walkforhopeandpeace@gmail.com
IG: @walkforhopeandpeace

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5/5 – DAY 1
Walk 12.7mi, 4h 5m
Douglas Trailhead to Pine Island United Methodist
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5/6 – DAY 2
Walk 20mi, 6h 32m
Pine Island United Methodist to Veterans of Foreign Wars
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5/7 – DAY 3
Walk 19.8mi, 6h 25m
Veterans of Foreign Wars to Cannon Valley Friends Meeting
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5/8 – DAY 4
Walk 20.5mi, 6h 44m
Cannon Valley Friends Meeting to Rosemount Veterans Memorial Walk
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5/9 – DAY 5
Walk 15.9mi, 5h 23m
Rosemount Veterans Memorial Walk to Minnehaha Park
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5/10 – DAY 6 (PART 1)
Walk 4.7mi, 1h 34m
Minnehaha Park to 1808 Riverside Ave
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5/10 – DAY 6 (PART 2)
Walk 8.3mi, 2h 48m
1808 Riverside Ave. to Fridley Community Center
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5/11 – DAY 7
Walk 16.8mi, 5h 33m
Fridley Community Center to Ramsey Administrative Office
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5/12 – DAY 8
Walk 19mi, 6h 34m
Ramsey Administrative Office to Big Lake Caribou Coffee
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5/13 – DAY 9
Walk 19.5mi, 6h 22m
Big Lake Caribou Coffee to Leaders Clear Lake Airport
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5/14 – DAY 10
Walk 16.1mi, 5h 15m
Clear Lake Airport to Tri County Humane Society
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5/15 – DAY 11
Walk 14.8mi, 4h 49m
Tri County Humane Society to Rice City Hall
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5/16 – DAY 12
Walk 9.6mi, 3h 8m
Rice City Hall to American Legion
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5/17 – DAY 13
Walk 16.9mi, 5h 31m
American Legion to Darling Immanuel Lutheran Church
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5/18 – DAY 14
Walk 16.9mi, 5h 32m
Darling Immanuel Lutheran Church to 2 Tall Tavern
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5/19-DAY 15
Walk 15.9mi, 5h 10m
2 Tall Tavern to 7099 100th St.
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5/20 – DAY 16
Walk 14.4mi, 4h 39m
7099 100th Street Southwest, Motley, MN to 5055 Minnesota 64, Pine River, MN
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5/21 – DAY 17
Walk 12.7mi, 4h 7m
5055 Minnesota 64 to 35Minnesota-64
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5/22 – DAY 18
Walk 14.8mi, 4h 49m
35 Minnesota-64 to Akeley Regional Community Center
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5/23 – DAY 19
Walk 12.9mi, 4h 12m
Akeley Regional Community Center to Forestedge Winery
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5/24 – DAY 20
Walk 14.7mi, 4h 46m
Forestedge Winery to Nary Post Office
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5/25 – DAY 21
Walk 8.5mi, 2h 45m
Nary Post Office to Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce
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