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About Us

Veterans For Peace is a global organization of Veterans and non-military allies involved with promoting peace through community outreach and direct action since 1985. Our expanding network of over 150 chapters seeks to raise public awareness about the true and hidden costs of war while providing understanding and services to those who are victims of it. Dismantling the military-industrial complex through peaceful resistance.

Veterans For Peace is the only veterans organization whose primary purpose is to Abolish War. A lofty goal in a world which now has endless war. But we Veterans see it as our Last Campaign.

A couple of things about us

Each year we hold an Armistice Day Event (remembering the signing of the Armistice after WW!- the War to End all wars) where we gather and ring bells at eleventh hour on the eleventh day on the eleventh month honoring that time in our history. This day has over time been changed to Veterans day and more or less a glorification of war, not about peace as the original holiday.

We also hold a solemn Memorial Day gathering locally and now Nationally to remember the casualties and costs of war. Below is a short video from a Memorial Day a couple of years back featuring Native American and Marine Vietnam Vet Jim Northrop, who by the way has since passed.