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Our Work

Work to abolish war through educating on the costs of war

We demonstrate, lobby ( work with our legislators), produce a quarterly newsletter, have a speakers bureau, maintain a website, use art, develop public relations, educate on war related issues( refugee crisis, environmental damage, tax dollars spent, resources exhausted), table at events throughout the Twin Cities


  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
  • Counter recruitment (table, speak at schools, table alongside military recruiters in schools, work to keep JROTC out of schools and present other options)
  • Save Our VA (SOVA)
  • Kellogg Briand Pact -law signed after WW1 outlawing war (Public events)
  • No Drones (vigil at drone bases)
  • Full Disclosure ( working to counter our Pentagons Million dollar effort to rewrite the history of US involvement in Vietnam).
  • Deported Veterans (offer support so their rights are not denied).


Iraq Water Project (bringing clean water to the civilians of Iraq since 2000), Peace bus (roving peace house), Peace sites (over 700 sites in the Twin Cities area since 1988). Peace stock (yearly retreat with speakers, music and fellowship)

Work with Veterans

Oppose privatization of the VA, GI rights hotline, support war resisters and whistle blowers (Chelsea Manning), provide supportive non judgemental environment to share about Military experiences and on war issues. We also ring bells to remember the signing of the Armistice and as a service for members at Memorial services in lieu of the traditional rifle volley (some members have cast their own bells through the lost wax technique)

Work with other organizations and causes

* Coordinate With Local and National Peace & Justice Groups:Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP), Women Against Military Madness (WAMM), Anti-War Committee, Code Pink, World Citizen

Although we are an anti war group, we also stand in solidarity or participate in events with other organizations including: Black Lives Matter (police brutality), First Nation issues (treaty violations, pipeline encroachment, etc), 350. Org (climate change)

Free Curriculum Consultant For Peace
Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation
Peace Nonviolence Curriculum
Cecil C. Ramnaraine