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Add your name to the Open Letter from VFP Climate Crisis and Militarism working Group to Climate Envoy John Kerry

Add Your Name to the Open Letter to Climate Envoy John Kerry

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TAKE ACTION: Include Militarism in Climate Talks

On April 22, 1971, the first anniversary of Earth Day, John Kerry rose to  public prominence when he addressed Congress as a representative of  anti-war veterans delivering a blistering critique of the Viet Nam War.

50 years later, John Kerry is US Climate Envoy. He needs to address militarism as a major cause of the climate crisis, and to promote redirection of bloated and destructive military expenditures to address the climate crisis and provide for human needs.

We ask Climate Envoy Kerry to:

1. Include military Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in all reporting and data on GHGs (they never should have been excluded).

2. Use his public platform to promote major reductions in the military and its expenditures, including eliminating hundreds of overseas bases, rejecting nuclear modernization and endless war.

3. Promote bilateral accords with Russia and China to stop funding fossil fuel projects and promote cooperation toward green economies.

4. Fight for the US to pay its fair share to the Green Climate Fund.

5. Promote a Just Transition with union jobs and prevailing wages for workers displaced from the fossil fuel and weapons industries, and for low-wage workers.

6. View grassroots climate, environmental justice and anti-war groups as allies and work with them as partners.


Join Veterans For Peace asking Kerry to place militarism at the center of the climate conversation and the movement for climate justice.
See the full text of the Open Letter to John Kerry, and its many endorsers. 
Climate Crisis and Militarism Project of Veterans For Peace