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Comments on Syrian Air Strikes

March 1, 2021

Dear President Biden,

We write to condemn the February 25, 2021 air strikes inside the sovereign nation of Syria. The strikes were counterproductive to diplomacy and peace, and a violation of domestic and international law as they were not defensive in nature.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq was an act of military aggression, the “supreme war crime” under the Nuremberg Principles. In January 2020, following the unlawful assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on Iraqi soil, Iraq’s parliament took affirmative action to expel the remaining American forces. The United States is therefore an occupying power in Iraq, and not a welcome presence. An armed attack on an occupying force is a form of lawful resistance and does not turn the occupier into the victim.

With regard to the three nations aggrieved by the unlawful air strikes, we urge the following:

  • Iraq – Close all US military bases and bring all the troops home immediately.
  • Syria – Cease further airstrikes within its borders as we are not at war with Syria. Withdraw all military personnel and cease all regime-change operations. Return occupied oil fields to the control of the Syrian government.
  • Iran – Cease all military training and weapons sales to non-state actors in the region. Reenter the JCPOA by first ending sanctions on Iran, followed by verification of Iran’s return to compliance.

Finally, before leveling any more accusations of Iran’s “destabilizing behavior” in the region, please explain to the world why the 2003 invasion of Iraq should not be considered, far and away, the most destabilizing action in the region of the 21st century.


Veterans For Peace Chapter 27

Mike Madden, Vice President