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Three subjects today:

Apology needed for lies about 7 October and the genocide, way forward post-conflict based on international law (right of return and self-determination), and interesting links

1)  NEED AN APOLOGY from Israel and its backers for lies about what happened

7 October (and it is not just the lie aboutt beheaded babies but more seriously about who bombed Israeli houses and cars killing civilians) and the genocide that folowed and still ongoing. Here are some of the lies (taken from

-IDF lookouts threatened with court martial after early worning about Hamas helicopter shot civilians at 7 October rave, police find

-Up to half the Israelis killed 7 OCTOBER were combatants and many of the civilians killed were killed by Israeli forces; that Israeli forces were responsible for some of their own civilian deaths; and that Tel Aviv disseminated false ‘Hamas atrocities’ stories to justify its devastating

see also

-Why is Israel trying to HIDE this hostage interview?

-Chris Hedges interviews Max Blumenthal about 7 October Sott Ritter on 7 october

-Scott Ritter on 7 october

-SEE for other lies and distortions about the ongoing genocide (6000 children killed, 2.3 million Palestinains targeted, 1 million children, 1.4 million displaced, 50% of Gaza destroyed etc)..
GENOCIDE AND ETHIC CLEANSING MUST STOP AND THEN WE NEED RESTITUTION by Israel and its backers especially the US government that funded the canage must be demanded


This must be rooted in International law and principles which include right of return to Palestinian refugees and right of self determination. This will rectify the huge injustice done to the Palestinian people and allow for peace based on restorative justice. We must stop wasting time talking about a two state scenario unless the two states are based on UN GA resolution181 which gives 55% of the land to a Jewish state and 45% to a Palestinian state with Jerusalem and Bethlehem being International. UNGA181 prohibits removal of people so refugees must be allowed to return. It also calls for economic union (essentially confederation). Actually Israel’s admission to the UN was based on acceptance of UN resolutions issued before it was admitted” UNGA 181 and UNGA 194 (right of refugees to return). As for the 1967 occupied areas (Golan, West Bank and Gaza), Israel must withdraw and remove all
settlements (which are illegal by international law). The most logical solution is return of refugees and democracy (a vote on outcome which fulfils self-determination). We should not let Israel determine what lands it needs for securitry or the conditions on Palestinians in the name of
security that amount to perpetual apartheid and occupation. It is Palestinians who need security more (if there is any evidence needed, check the latest and ongoing genocide in Gaza which started 75 years ago. For a real roadmap to peace based on human rights, see .

For those who state Israeli body politic will not allow it (most right wing and fascist government in Israel’s 75 year history), I say like South Africa under apartheid, there should be a strong global movement of Boycotts, Divestments , and Sanctions (see But also there
must be trials of those wo breached international law and engaged in genocide: Five countries brough cases before the International Criminal Court but I think cases need to go before the International Court of Justice

3) Other items of interest

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Israel’s war crimes

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happening today

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