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Chapter 27 meeting minutes for September 2022

VFP ch 27 meeting 9/11/22

Called to order by Dave Logsdon at 6:04 pm

In person – Dave Logsdon, Mike McDonald, Jeff Roy, Josh Farris, Penny Gardner, Craig Wood, Vern Hall, John Wexler.

Zoomers – Helen Jaccard, James Brown, Ken Swain, Barry Riesch, Tom Chisholm, SueAnn Martinson, Mary McNellis. Phone – Beth Blix

  • August minutes approved. Motion by John Wexler 2nd by Jeff Roy
  • Treasurers report – Penny Gardner. Opening balance $18,394 expenses $3,339 + $400 =
    $15,455. Nielsen acct. $2,928. Motion to approve Jeff, 2nd Vern, motion passed
  • Golden Rule update, Helen Jaccard – Thanks to Phil Anderson for Duluth prep. Press conference with mayors of Duluth and Superior + MN state representative spoke. Fox 29 news did a report on Golden Rule. Helen and (captain) Kiko spoke to several high school classes at Duluth East. Thanks to Craig for articles that have appeared in several publications. Fundraised over $1,700 in Duluth.
    Much work to be done before splashing, Friday 9/16? Send off scheduled for 9/26 from Watergate Marina.
  • Gamers for Peace – Ken Swain
    Biggest need is for veteran gamers to help coach. 8 hobby shops contacted to aid efforts. Hopefully will lead eventually to student programming.
  • Climate Justice – Barry
    Had a successful plenary at the convention.
  • Membership – Barry
    Make sure we have sign up sheets at all events.
  • Education – Steve
    Will hopefully generate some speaking engagements with Golden Rule interest.
  • Newsletter – Craig & Steve
    A few bad pictures in the last issue. Writers encouraged to submit for future issues.
  • Bus – Craig
    Well received on West Broadway ‘Open Streets’. In need of spare tire (Dave or Steve)?
  • SOVA – Jeff
    Secretary McDonough pushing for the closing of up to 70 VA medical centers. Senator Tester and republicans have shot it down thus far.
    Feb ‘23 may bring additional meetings with senate and staff reps. $ will be needed
  • Direct actions – Sep 21 start of ‘12 Days of Nonviolence’. Starts at 4pm Near Longfellow Grill, Peace bridge at 5 pm, Unity Church at 7 with Golden Rule presentation.
  • New Business – Finance committee okayed $1,000 for musicians at several Golden Rule events
  • Josh – proposed us looking into ‘election integrity’. Website
  • Motion to adjourn by John, 2nd by Josh passed

Respectfully submitted by Mike McDonald