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Peace In Our Times

Veterans For Peace is in reality a federation of autonomous chapters. Yet our strength comes from our unified purpose to abolish war, from our deep identity as a sort of “tribe” of committed, often relentless, veterans and their supporters. Passion for our cause is not a problem. But “distributing” that fire has been. Until now.

For the past three years, Veterans For Peace has entrusted six of us to put out a quarterly newspaper —¬†PEACE IN OUR TIMES. We, the editorial staff, believe that we have developed some impressive chops, and we are on a roll. Our twenty-four-page publication has reached throughout the United States and across the pond.

We usually put out about 6,000 copies of each issue, counting on individuals and VFP chapters to get the paper out to their friends and local connections. Now it’s time to expand our outreach. And you can be part of the team to make that happen. We want every college campus, every community college, every town library to carry¬†PEACE IN OUR TIMES. We want every military base and National Guard Armory to have access to the amazing articles featured in each issue.

We have taken seriously the VFP commitment to “peace at home and abroad.” Our writers address an impressive range of issues that spring from our expertise and concern as veterans. Our paper provides a forum not just for VFP members but also for engaged and experienced journalists from around the world. We are not afraid to show clearly that the out-of-control militarism overtaking this country and this world can be resisted. And we, as veterans, are at the forefront of that resistance.

So, what are you waiting for? You can take a look at past issues by going to And then you can order bundles of 80 at $40 or half bundles at $25 from Peace In Our Times. Join the team. Get the word out. And please consider contributing your own articles to what is becoming the most effective “recruiting tool” that Veterans For Peace has at its hands. The time is right for peace in our times. Let’s lead the way. Share your passion by distributing bundles and bundles of the best “underground news source” around. Thanks!!

Doug Rawlings,
Veterans For Peace